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Designer in
Lagos, Nigeria

Feyisayo Sonubi

Hey there!

I’m Feyisayo, a seasoned product designer with over 6 years of work in visual and UX design.

I also dabble in front-end engineering when I have the time. :d

2017 - Present

I joined Cowrywise in 2017 as a sole designer and founding employee, since then, I have upheld and maintained the brand as one of the best fintech experiences in Nigeria, helping over 900,000 customers invest safely.

Investing for tomorrow



Kwara is a fintech startup empowering Kenyan credit unions (SACCOs) with tools to acquire more customers and grow their revenue. I worked on a brand refresh by creating a new design system and new web landing pages.

Your community, your bank



Casava is an insure-tech startup helping to redefine the experience of buying Insurance in Nigeria. I collaborated with the team to build a scalable design system across platforms, and new web landing pages based on the rebrand.

Insurance you enjoy



Simpu is an omni-channel SAAS communication platform helping businesses reach their customers in one place. I worked on redesigning and developing new landing pages to help communicate their value offerings.

Connecting your customers

beyond work

In my free time, I enjoy exploring interior design and collecting inspiration on my Pinterest

Additionally, I enjoy playing 5-aside football, games, learning about cars, listening to music, podcasts, and watching hours of content on Youtube.