We live in a quantified world now. Everything can be measured. Just think about what those wearable techs can do. Heart rate, walk rate, even heart beats can now be shared. However, leadership is still about the power of intuition and the power of a creative life. Yet today many leaders are afraid to bring that part of themselves to bear on their leadership and decision making. The question is why do we then worship the likes of Steve Jobs? Because of well measured KPIs?

Don’t get me wrong. We must measure things. We must do so in order to continue to evaluate properly and make fair, objective decisions as leaders. I will personally continue to measure things as much as possible. I’m a researcher by training after all.

There is an element of leadership that is spiritual. People are following you towards a destination. If you’re a creative business striving to lead on the cutting edge of things, you must lead with intuition.

You must build your executive leadership team with your spirit (intuition). You must personally feel every member of that team, listening to your intuition in all your interactions with them. By all means, leverage all the arsenal of executive recruitment at your disposal. At the end of the day, it is only an executive team that are connected on a subliminal level to one another and to an over-arching vision that will change the world. It is your responsibility to build such a team, with sweat and tears and blood. You cannot compromise on this. In the same vein, you must let go of anyone on your executive team that doesn’t feel right no matter how qualified they are. Your spirit already knows where you should go and how will get you there. Don’t be afraid to trust
your intuition.

So my friends, lead from within, with your heart and your soul. This is what it means to be visionary, after all. Be courageous!

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